Ibee Systems, When it comes to eBusiness there are many "solutions" out there. Many of them make extraordinary claims and offer overblown features in an effort to fit everyone's eBusiness needs into a single product. However, when it comes to a professional eBusiness solution, your company should not have to "try" and fit its specific needs into an "out-of-the-box" solution.


Testing tools and J2EE
Welcome to Ibee Systems - The most popular Software Testing and Quality Assurance discussions company. With over 20 forums that cover almost every area in software testing, quality assurance and quality engineering.

The wide acceptance of the J2EE platform in the software industry is evidence of its status as a platform of choice for enterprise application development.

Ibee Systems not only provide IT consulting but also assist your business in the implementation of the same. Ibee Systems helps clients in making existing systems and processes software and Internet capable.

Ibee Systems consultants represent the top 10% in their field and are experienced, highly trained, and dedicated to your success and interests.

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